Both Parents Die Suddenly In Plane Crash, 8th Grader Writes Heart-wrenching Letter About Loss.

Last week, a terrible tragedy took place near in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Three married couples– all best friends– were flying home to Oxford, Mississippi from a trip in Florida on a small plane. No one knows for sure what happened, but the Tuscaloosa airport received a request from the plane for an emergency landing. The plane was granted permission, but it crashed before they could make it to the runway. No one aboard survived.

Collectively, those three couples left behind 11 children all under age 14. One of those children is Sarah Perry. An 8th grade girl, the oldest of the three Perry children. Just days after receiving the shocking news of her parents’ plane crash, Sarah posted the following heartfelt status, along with the picture below.

Ok, so I wanted to start by thanking everyone for the hugs, kind paragraphs (and yes I read every single text/ snapchat/ DM/ Facebook message even if I didn’t respond) and support…

Every single hug and message filled my broken heart. The truth is, yes, I am heartbroken, sad, tired, and devastated, but I have to keep my faith. It has to grow stronger and stronger. This wild journey brought me closer to my family and grew my relationship with God! And this is just the beginning.

I also wanted to thank every single teacher, parent, and other supporters for EVERYTHING! Y’all are the best and have kept my whole family strong!

I’m not gonna lie, yeah it hurts to never have someone to call “mom” or “dad” again. And I don’t know why tragic, horrible things like this happen. But what I do know is that I have aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmothers who will be with me on this journey.

I also know I will stay strong for my brother and sister! I will help them with anything they need. I will be my sister’s Santa Claus and I will be there for my sister when she gets older! I will help my brother with his homework and with any problems he ever has! and I will also help my grandmother who will be raising me for the rest of my life.

It will be hard and there will be obstacles along the way, but if we all stay strong and stick together we can get through this because I know this is what my parents would want!

I know for a fact I will never physically see my parents again on earth, but they will never, ever leave my heart. They will still guide me through life and help me with my problems. I know I will see them in heaven, so this is not the end! I know they supported and cared for me so much! I know they loved me and would do anything for me!

The main thing I ask is for y’all to share any memories with me if you have any of my parents! don’t hesitate to ask me questions because we can get through this together! I promise! So Imma go out there and be my best and I will get through this:) Thank y’all for everything! ‪#‎staystrong‬ ‪#‎oxfordstrong‬
Sarah’s bravery and maturity is unbelievable for anyone after such a tragedy, but it is especially amazing knowing that this girl isn’t even in high school yet! Her message teaches us all so much about strength and love in the face of heartbreak.

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