Boomer Phelps wearing earmuffs is the best part of the Olympics so far

 Forget, for a moment, about Michael Phelps. 

Forget about his 21 Olympic golds, his punishing #PhelpsFace, his rivalry with Chad le Clos and instead turn your attention to his true greatest accomplishment: Boomer Phelps.

Phelps and his fiancée Nicole Johnson have already begun to groom Boomer for a lifetime of stardom. Despite the fact that he is 4-months-old, his personal Instagram account has 200,000 followers and counting. 

But Boomer's career highlight — sartorially speaking — came this week as he sat poolside at the 2016 Rio Olympics wearing a pair of exceptionally large protective earmuffs. Expect to see these on all the babies this fall.

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