Birth parents refuse to take home deformed newborn. Nurse adopts him and community rallies to help

Baby Adam was born perfectly healthy on the inside. He had lungs, a beating heart, and a functioning brain. Despite this, his birth parents refused to take him home because he was born with physical deformities. Namely, Adam lacked a nose, hands, and eyelids. To make matters worse, his legs were fused together.
As nurses and doctors asked his birth parents to reconsider, they flat out refused. They even threatened to poison their own baby boy because they feared the shame they’d receive. As a result, they wanted to abandon him.
Raja and Jessica Paulraj, a married couple, happened to be present that day Adam was born. As a doctor and nurse, they helped deliver the baby, and when they heard the birth parents remarks, they were stunned. The couple knew exactly what they needed to do. They adopted Adam.
After more analysis, Adam was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Bartsocas-Papas Syndrome. The couple contacted numerous specialists, and Adam received treatment and underwent several surgeries. Over time, the bills piled up, but something incredible happened. An entire community rallied together to raise $100,000 to help the baby whose parents didn’t even want him.
With love, are, and the support of a community, Adam lives as a healthy boy. While he may not be “normal” by most people’s standards, he’s perfect in the eyes of Raja and Jessica.
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