Babysitter abuses 7-month-old baby, but the family dog is there to save the day

 In Charleston, South Carolina, a babysitter was recently arrested after being guilty of child abuse.
This family was suspicious of their babysitter’s abusive ways after seeing the family’s dog, Killian, show strange and unusual aggressive behavior towards the babysitter.
Stories like this really show the power and magic of a relationship between a human and a dog. A dog is truly man’s best friend.
22-year-old babysitter Alexis Khan was found guilty of child abuse after a hidden camera captured her verbally and physically abusing 7-month-old Finn Jordan. She’s currently facing one to three years of prison time as well as being listed on the child abuse registry.
 Fortunately, Killian the family dog was present and witnessed the babysitter’s abusive actions. Killian then proceeded to warn the family of Finn’s danger. It’s clear that these two share a very special bond.
 The family stated, “He was very aggressive towards her and a few times we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going towards her.”
 The pair can now live peacefully and be the best friends that they were always meant to be.

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