After years of struggle, foster dad finally adopts 2-year-old son

 Not all of us are lucky enough to have parents who can care for and protect us.

This was the case for little Trigger, who got a tough start in life.

But one couple was determined to change his fate around.
When Trigg was born, it quickly became clear that his biological parents would be unable to care for him - they therefore decided to put him up for adoption.

And Trigg was lucky to end up in the Langstraat family home, who decided initially to serve as his foster parents.
 Drew and Stacey Langstraat opened their home up to Trigg when he was just a newborn.

The Langstraats planned to simply foster Trigg for a short time, but the whole family, Drew and Stacey, along with their three daughters, quickly fell in love with Trigg.
 "He's the sweetest and cuddliest little boy," says Stacey.

Two and a half years later, the adoption process was finally complete and Trigg could permanently remain with his foster parents, now his legal custodians. 
To me this story really shows the force of love, which can at times be even stronger than blood ties. Watch the moving video of Trigg's adoption story below.

[Source: Youtube]

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