Absolute Moron Jumps Into Bathtub Full Of Hot Sauce, Instantly Regrets It

[Source: Youtube]

A day doesn’t seem to go by nowadays without some idiot YouTuber doing some fucking ridiculous in their quest for views.

So with that in mind enter Cemre Candar. He decided to answer a question that no-one has ever asked, how does it feel to bathe in hot sauce?
 *Spoiler alert* not great. But hey, gotta get them views though. So Cemre allegedly emptied 1250 bottles of hot sauce into a bathtub and submerged himself into it.

And you can almost certainly guess what happens next. In a matter of seconds, he says, ‘oh my God, it’s in my butt. Oh, it hurts’. The phrase ‘no shit’ comes to mind.
 The remaining three minutes goes on in a similar vein, as the spicy pepper liquid seeps into every single pore of his body. He even gets his eyes and face in there, which he instantly regrets.

He goes on a massive coughing fit, before scrambling out of the bath and showering quicker than Usain Bolt doing the 100 metre sprint.
 Cemre comes back hours later, body fully red, but he managed to survive the whole ordeal.

It’s extremely difficult to feel any sympathy for the guy whatsoever when he is happy to physically harm himself, just for the sake of a bit of attention and a few video views.
If this is what the world has to offer, than you’ve got to genuinely fear for the future of humanity.


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