A Fallen Soldier And His K9 Arrive Home. What The Baggage Handlers Do Broke Me.

It can be difficult to have to take home the remains of the soldiers that have died overseas in a war. Sadly, that’s a natural result of these horrible events. But often they aren’t alone, as canines that have been serving in the military are also exposed to the dangers. So when a soldier and his war dog were being transported home, a special section of Delta Airlines decided to step up to the plate in paying tribute.

Called the Delta Honour Guard, these people are volunteers who make the extra effort of honoring the fallen men, women and dogs who have lost their lives to war.You should get the tissues ready before you start watching this video, as you definitely won’t get through it without shedding a few tears.

Take a look at this video
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The song playing in the background is more than fitting, and the military thanked these wonderful volunteers for their efforts remembering those who had fallen. Share away, people.

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