5 soldiers combine to sing a beautiful version of "Coming Home"

You may or may not agree with the use of the military to solve conflict around the world, but I guarantee you that the following video will warm your heart. If you’ve ever known a soldier, you’ve probably heard the song “Coming Home.” The lyrics truly embody the love and respect we should show our soldiers:
“All those heroes who defend our flag will live on forever / All the heroes , both young and old , that soldier on to unknowns / From across this changing world we live in the hope / That you come back home.”
In this video, you’ll watch soldiers from both the British Army and United States Army stand side-by-side as they give the most beautiful rendition of “Coming Home” I’ve probably ever seen or heard. Get ready to be surprised by the sheer musical talent these soldiers have!
The use of armed forces will forever be in debate. However, we must always remember the sacrifice our soldiers have made in order to protect our country. They always deserve respect, and I sincerely wish that all soldiers will be able to hear the following heartwarming words, “welcome home.”
What do you think? Weren’t the soldiers just beautiful to listen to? We want to hear your thoughts… let us know in the comments below!
[Source: Youtube]

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