4 Dads Walk Out Of The Garage, When The Music Kicks In I Can't Stop Laughing!

There’s a new music video taking over the internet, but it doesn’t involve a popular singer or a group. It features four fathers who walk out of a garage and begin singing and dancing. The video is funny because fathers usually don’t mind being the center of attention. They don’t mind acting out in front of an audience.
The men exit the garage wearing black sunglasses. Each man is wearing simple clothing, such as shorts and a shirt. They aren’t dressed like they are in a music video, but they do have a strut that would make you think that they have made a video or two in the past.
Although the video starts a little slow, you quickly see that the song is about the life of being a father. From singing about gas station sunglasses to wearing khaki pants while in the office, there’s a little bit of everything that the fathers rap about in the song. They all have the look of being the fathers they are in real life, talking about mowing the yard and making sure the family has everything that they need. If you didn’t know any better, you would think that you were listening to a professional music group talking about the life of being a father.
[Source: Youtube]

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