22 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names And What You Should Be Calling Them

Have you heard of Robyn Fenty, Peter Hernandez or Onika Maraj?

The chances are you know them very well, but by a completely different name.

It's nothing out of the ordinary for stars to change their names throughout their career.

But if you’d like to know everything there is about your favorite stars… Here is a list of 21 celebrities you know as one name - but are actually called something
completely different:

1. Calvin Harris - Adam Richard Wiles

2. Nicki Minaj - Onika Tanya Maraj

 3. Bruno Mars - Peter Gene Hernandez

 4. Lady Gaga - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

 5. Elton John - Reginald Kenneth Dwight

 6. Reese Witherspoon - Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon

 7. Lorde - Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor

 8. Charlie Sheen - Carlos Irwin Estevez

 9. Portia De Rossi - Amanda Lee Rogers

10. Vin Diesel - Mark Vincent

 11. Rihanna - Robyn Fenty

 12. Whoopi Goldberg - Caryn Elaine Johnson

 13. Jamie Foxx - Eric Marlon Bishop

 14. Shania Twain - Eilleen Regina Edwards

 15. David Tennant - David John McDonald

16. Elvis Costello - Declan Patrick Aloysius Macmanus

17. Iggy Azalea - Amethyst Amelia Kelly

 18. Fergie - Stacy Ann Ferguson

 19. John Legend - John Roger Stephens

 20. Amber Rose - Amber Levonchuck

 21. Olivia Wilde - Olivia Jane Cockburn

 22. Katy Perry - Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

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