21 Pictures That Will Make You Scared For Our Future, These People Need Help

In the day and age where social media is ruling our lives, some folks fear that it allows children not to  think so much before they speak. These hilarious thoughts and questions may just prove that theory correct!

Take a look at our future.

1. You had one job, Bill Gates:
 2. Same diff, right?:
 3. Some children are just born musically inclined:
 4. We’re just waiting on Arthur to start writing:
 5. We ask ourselves the same question:
 6. She’s a girl, if that helps:

7. This is what best friends are for:
 8. America’s actual first female president:
 9. I mean, maybe when he grows up?:
 10. The newest scent of the summer:
 11. C’mon technology:
 12. It’s definitely the printer:
 13. Geography is not for everyone:
 15. Oh my:
 16. Deep convos:
 17. All of the gardens. All of them:
 18. A quarter tis’ 4 or 4 quarters? These are the questions:
 19. When mom’s feeling generous…
 20. When you come to the realization that dogs are not humans. #idk:
 21. Space is cool:

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