20-Year-Old Rio Student Shares Photos Of Her 'In Bed' With Usain Bolt

The fastest man in the world (on the track, anyway) has been pictured 'in bed' with a 20-year-old student this weekend.

It's pretty awkward as it's just been revealed that he's in a two-year relationship with someone else.

To be fair, he really doesn't seem arsed as he calmly poses for photos while kissing the girl, named as Jady Duarte, on the cheek.

Maybe it's all completely innocent? Or maybe he's in an open relationship? We don't know. Still pretty funny though.

The pictures were apparently taken after his wild 30th birthday celebrations which took place this weekend in Rio.

Jady's snaps went viral after several Brazilian news outlets got hold of them. When asked, she described the events of the evening as 'normal'. Yeah but like, did he cheat or not?
We've only recently discovered that Bolt is actually in a long-term relationship with Kasi Bennett who he refers to as his 'first lady'. Hmm.

She's been tweeting support for Bolt throughout the games in Rio and described her level of pride for him as 'unfathomable'.

Maybe Bolt should avoid home for a bit...

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