2 women hop on a floor piano, delight the crowd with their incredible skills

If you’ve ever played the piano before, you’re well aware of how easy it is initially, but how difficult it can become. When I first played the piano, I thought I would be playing difficult classical music like Bach in no time. Boy, was I dead wrong.
Knowing how difficult playing the piano is makes this performance you’re about to witness that much more incredible. Because these performers aren’t playing a regular piano. No, they’re playing a floor piano.
That’s right, in this video, you’ll watch two people perform Bach’s Toccata in D minor on a floor piano. The way these two prance around the room as they perform this masterful piece is just wonderful to behold.
Coordinating two hands is difficult enough for me, yet these two people have figured out to coordinate their entire bodies. All I can say is, “Wow!”
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[Source: Youtube]

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