19 People Who've Had A WAY Worse Summer Than You

Every now and then we could all use a little change in perspective. For instance- was your summer really as bad as you think? Probably not compared to these people.
Below you will find hilariously painful pictures of the misfortune of others “tanning skills” during the summer. Be advised- heat will probably radiate from your screen.
If anything, please use these pictures as a reminder to ALWAYS apply and reapply your sunscreen. You’re welcome.
1. No.. she didn’t just get done with a color run, she tanned TWICE in a day…
 2. No.. that’s not a tank top:
 3. When you’re too passionate about music:
 4. The “statement necklace” that left more than a statement:
 5. When you get sunscreen on every part of your body…except for a huge stripe down the middle:
 6. Spray can sunscreen prevails once again:
 7. Nope that’s not a tank top either:
 8. When you just wanna show a little something extra for the ladies:
 9. The ole “slap it on” effect:
 10. When it’s just too lit in the car:
 11. When the sun leaves your skin smiling… literally:
 12. Reason number 2 of why you shouldn’t trust spray sunscreen:
 13. She just never wanted to take that cute swim top off:
 14. Why buy more lace when you can  have it permanently burnt onto you?:
 15. Some people go great lengths to show their love for ice cream:
 16. When you only live once but burn many times:
 17. The permanent lanyard:
 18. When you get burnt in the worst spots and end up having permanent duck face for a week:
 19. A Ginger + Tanning oil in the middle of summer= YIKES:
Poor guy. A word of advice for you all– Don’t ever forget the sunscreen!

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