17 Year Old Boy Gets Hickey From Girlfriend, Days Later He's Dead

A tragedy of romance took place in Mexico today. What was intended to be an expression of love turned literally into a “kiss of death” for a young seventeen year old boy in the state of Mexico. Julius Macías had come home, where he planned to have a pleasant dinner with his 24-year old girlfriend. Unexpectedly, during their dinner, seventeen year old Macías suffered a seizure. It was later determined that the cause of death was a bloot clot in the brain.

When inquiring as to the events that had led up to the seizure, it was revealed that Macías’ girlfriend had given him a kiss on the neck, commonly known in romantic parlance as a “hickey”. Apparently,it was determined that the suction from the hickey was caused by deep, extended kissing on the jugular vein in the neck. This led to the blockage in the vein, resulting in a blot clot. The blood clot flowed to the brain where it caused the seizure, and subsequent stroke. While Macías’ girlfriend had called the emergency paramedics, they had unfortunately arrived too late to save him, as the young seventeen year old had already expired on the scene.
Macías’ parents blame their late son’s girlfriend for this tragedy, citing that they had not approved of their relationship in the first place, as they had even asked their son to break up with her, being that she was seven years older than him. It is not known at this time whether they are pressing charges against her.

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