11 Hilariously Timed Olympic Pictures

The Olympics are truly the pinnacle of human athleticism. With over 11,000 athletes competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics, the world is watching as each individual athlete competes for glory.

But when you have so many athletes across so many different events, the chances are there are going to be a few moments that stand out above the others.

We’re not talking about heart-racing medal races, or incredible displays of athleticism here. No, we’re talking about some of the most perfectly timed, hilarious, and unfortunate pictures in

Olympic history.

From divers that aren’t exactly photogenic, to Phelps’ Death-Stare Game-Face, take a look at some of the best moments of the Olympic Games.

Unfortunate DVR Placement

Sometimes pressing pause at just the right time makes the Olympics MUCH more interesting…

An Extra Olympic Ring

An Extra Olympic Ring

This photographer captured the full moon rising just underneath the Olympic rings and the infamous London Bridge. A perfect picture of one of the most celebrated sporting events in human history, in one of the most cultured and historic cities in the world.

Mid-Air Wrestling

This picture captures the exact moment where the red wrestler realizes he probably doesn’t have that gold medal wrapped up after all.

Literally Every Olympic Diving Picture

There could be thousands of coffee-table books featuring only Olympic divers’ faces mid-dive.

If you didn’t know what you were looking at, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell if they’re Olympic divers or normal people that just had too much Taco Bell.

 The Grace of Figure Skating

 It doesn’t matter how old you are: any time you see a figure skater’s head coming out of another figure skater, it’s probably going to make you laugh.Soccer Players Getting to Know Each Other

Not quite sure what’s happening here. But neither of them look to thrilled with the situation.

 German Athlete Celebrating Gold

 With hops like these, I think this guy has a shot at the High Jump medal this summer, too.

 Again with the Germans…

 These two field hockey Olympians probably shouldn’t stand so close to each other…

 But Then Again…

Maybe they should! Here they are having a little fun with their names. Grabbing two other teammates and spelling out “Wesley Butt Fuchs Zwicker” for the world to see.

 The US Team after placing 3rd in Rowing

 One of these athletes is much more excited about the bronze medal than his teammates. Just imagine if they got the gold…

 Olympic Shot Putter Kurt Roberts

 If you had to throw a 16-pound metal ball 70 feet, you probably wouldn’t look too good doing it, either.

Phelps’ Game Face

After rival Chad le Clos of South Africa taunts him before the big race, Phelps dons his best “Sith Lord” impression. What’s better? Phelps when on to destroy le Clos in the 200-meter butterfly.

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