Woman Sleeps On Couch In Wrong Apartment And Refuses To Leave

Aren’t homeowners supposed to lock their doors? So how in the world did she got there in the first place?

 It looks like she’s drunk plus she might have walked a long distance by the looks of her feet.

 The video shows a woman in dark red clothes, a black skirt, with a very dirty feet laying on a couch in some stranger’s apartment. The owners start to wake her up, and though she seems to hear them, she refuses to leave. The owner starts to threaten to call the cops, that’s when she reacted and ask them not to.

She sat up and talked to the owners. They tried asking her if she’s been there before and she answered yes, though no one would trust her judgment in that state. At some point she even asked if they could let her stay because she’s too tired. Well, they would have let her stayed if not for her feet.

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[Source: Youtube]

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