Widow Discovers She's Pregnant At Her Husband's Funeral. Days Later, Doctors Tell Her THIS

In 2011, a terrible snowstorm brought Courtney Hill and her husband Brian together, as if it were fated to happen. The two fell in love at first sight, and they married each other shortly after. A few years into their marriage, things got even more awesome. They welcomed a baby girl named Reagan into the world, and the two were officially parents.

But they weren’t done there. In 2016, they wanted to expand their family, so they tried for another baby…

Then life took a shocking turn for the worst. On February 2, 2016, Brian was killed in a trucking accident. Courtney’s life shattered to a million pieces right before her eyes.
She lost her husband, best friend, and the father of her beautiful daughter. How could she pick herself back up from this?
On the day of Brian’s funeral, Courtney felt sick to her stomach. It wasn’t a sickness caused by the grief she felt; it felt like something else. Courtney took a pregnancy test that day, and she was shocked to learn it was positive!
At the funeral, Courtney grabbed Brian’s hand one last time and told him the news. From that moment forward, the moment carried a different feeling and purpose. While Brian, a Navy veteran who served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan, had left us, a newborn child was waiting to take his place.
Weeks later, Courtney found herself in the hospital. Her body was reacting very negatively to the baby, and she felt constantly weak and sluggish. She was scared she might have a miscarriage and lose her unborn baby.
But then doctors revealed something stunning. Her body wasn’t reacting poorly because her baby was unhealthy. It was because there was more than one baby!
In fact, Courtney was pregnant with triplets.
Things got crazy for Courtney over the next few months. As a single mother and parent, she wasn’t sure how she could handle Reagan and have triplets on the way, but she was determined to make the most of it.
She told CBS Chicago, “I’m excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him.” Couldn’t have said that any better!

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