What It Means If You Have These Dimples On Your Back...

 Do you have two little dimples in your lower back? If so, we have some really good news for you. This means that:

  • You have good health
  • You have more fun in bed than others

That’s right, apparently having these indents can make it easier for you to climax, because they facilitate good circulation around the pelvis area.

If you’re interested in knowing a little bit more about these little indents then keep reading below:

1. These dimples have a name. Colloquially, they are known as ‘the dimples of venus,’ but their scientific name is ‘the lateral lumbar indentations’.

 2. They were passed down to you from your mom: These are most likely genetic. If your mom has them, you probably do too.

 3. They are aesthetically pleasing: most people find these dimples very attractive, both in male and females.

 4. They have benefits in bed: some research claims that women with these dimples have an easier time reaching climax. This is due to the position of bones and muscles in the body.

5. Everyone’s dimples are different: the size, shape and appearance of these dimples is dependent on a person’s weight, shape and athleticism.

 6. They are less common in men: generally speaking, this is a very ladylike quality.

 7. There is a way you can enhance them: you define these dimples just like you’d define any other part of your body: by exercising.

 8. If you don’t already have them, there’s nothing you can do to get them: Unfortunately, these dimples are located where the two pelvic bones connect, and there’s no muscle in that area. Yes, you can enhance them, but you can’t make them appear out of thin air.

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