This Looks Like Just A Weirdly Decorated Cake. But Watch What Happens Once It Starts Spinning. WHOA!

Long gone are the days when a cake had to just look pretty and taste delicious. Now cakes are taking on a whole new level as they begin to entertain people too.
But this chocolate cake brings animation right back to where it started. One image at a time. You’ve got to watch the video below to see what I’m talking about…
The cake in this video, known as a “zoetrope cake,” actually isn’t the only one out there. Artists Alexandre Dubosc has made zoetrope cakes his specialty.
What are they you ask? Well these cakes actually use animation technology that existed before film. A zoetrope was a metal cylinder with slits cut in the side where a sequence of drawings would be inserted. The cylinder spins and the drawings take on a life of their own – just like a flip book.
Dubosc has made numerous zoetrope cakes – even some inspired by Tim Burton films.
In the video below, you’ll see a couple different animations in this layer cake. At the bottom you’ll see Pacman eating a dot. There’s a popcorn device launching it up to a hungry mouth. And on the next layer, a fire rages.
What an amazing cake creation! I can’t believe Dubosc has mastered this unique type of art.

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