This Is What The Stars Of Gogglebox Actually Do For A Living

 The Greek philosopher, and pioneer of modern thought, Aristotle, once said: ‘All men by nature desire to know’.

Well now we can tick off one thing we all desire to know, by finding out what jobs the Gogglebox stars do behind closed doors.

According to the Mirror, our favourite families and TV addicts on the reality show only get paid £15 per night, so they’ve got to do something full time to pay the bills.

Here’s what they all do:

 Linda, Pete, & George

Linda, Pete, and George bring a stream of working class cockney wit to the show every episode. Although George was removed when he decided to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house, he was later brought back because the show simply wasn’t the same without him.

In the real world, George and Pete both work as electricians, while mum, Linda, is a carer.

Sandy & Sandra

Besides laughing endlessly and ecstatically at the television set, Sandy spends her days looking after her grandchildren, while Sandra is unemployed – but that hasn’t stopped her from completing a few plus size model shoots.

 Leon & June

Though both retired now, cheese addict Leon used to be a history teacher whereas June was an English teacher. The pair met when they were studying at teacher college and were immediately bound by a compelling love of education.

Nowadays Leon spends his days eating copious amounts of cheese and making dirty jokes, much to June’s disapproval – but the pair always choke up whenever something sad comes on the TV.

 Chris & Stephen

This duo work as hairdressers – and hopefully this one won’t come as too much of a surprise considering the duo change hairstyles every other week.

 The Moffatts

Loveable Geordies, the Moffatt family, all have relatively normal jobs, however due to Scarlet’s rapid rise to fame, while she used to be a disability advisor for students, she now works the breakfast shift on Capital North East.

Dad, Mark, is a welder who specialises in making JCB’s, and mum, Betty, works in Men’s clothes shop, Burton.

 Giles & Mary

If you had to pick a job for Giles & Mary then you’d probably get it right.

The argumentative eccentrics both work in the artistic realms of industry.

Giles is an artist while Mary is a writer – who famously worked as the Agony Aunt for The Spectator. She has also written a book called, How the Queen Can Make You Happy, which is a guide towards attaining perfect etiquette.

The Michaels

The intelligent parents of the lot are both retired following dad, Andy’s, career in the hotel business.

Two years back Andy sought a life back in full time work when he infamously tried to become an MP for UKIP but failed.

Louis is currently studying for a degree at the University of Chichester, while his older sister Alex also attended the Uni, gaining a masters in Computer Science.

 The Saddiquis 

The Saddiquis are one of the nicest families on the show. Hailing from Derby, Baasit works as an IT teacher, whose students absolutely adore the show, whereas brother Umar works as a microbiologist at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out what dad, Sid, does (or used to do) full time – but he does seem to be quite active on Twitter.

Keep up the good work guys! 

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