This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If Their Outfits Were Historically Accurate

Disney princesses are beautiful, but they aren't interpreted in the most accurate way, according to their history. These images will show you what these characters would have looked like.

1. Pocahantas, early 1600s Virginia

 Pocahantas was the daughter of a Powhatan chief. Females of high status, like Pocahantas,  in that tribe had tattoos on their faces and bodies. She would've worn a deerskin wrap around her waist and a leather cloak of her shoulders to keep warm. 

  2. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, 1300s England

English Aristocrats wore gowns with tight-fitting sleeves and bodices. They also wore surcotes, which had long trains and were worn open over their dresses. They adorned them with brooches and hair was often worn up in braids.

 3. Snow White, mid-to late 1500s Germany 

Women in 16th century Germany wore heavy gowns in dark colors. They often had puffy sleeves, exaggerated collars and wide shoulder pads. Their hair was often pulled back and covered with a headpiece.

4. Jasmin, Aladdin, 300s Arabian Peninsula 

Women wore loose, modest clothing and usually wore veils of different lengths. Some veils covered one eye and others just covered the hair. Dark kohl was used around the eyes.

6. Tiana, The Princess and The Frog, 1920s New Orleans

 Dropped waist dresses with straight silhouettes were all the rage in 1920s Nola. New Orleans was a segregated city in the '20s. Hair was worn in a short bob with thin brows and red lipstick.

7. Belle, Beauty and the Beast, 1700s France

Gowns during the time of the French Revolution dresses had tight corseted bodices and exaggerated skirts. Elaborate hairstyles and pale, powdered faces with heavily rouged cheeks were very popular.

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