These Life Hacks Will Save You Time, Money, And Disappointment. You'll Want To See This

Simple, easy, and cheap, these savvy life-hacks just make life easier. Not to mention, they'll save you some serious time and money.

1. Apply some butter to the sliced end of unfinished cheese to keep it preserved longer

2. Rub a banana on damaged CD's and DVD's to repair scratches

3. Use a can-opener to cut open stubbornly thick plastic

 4. Use spaghetti noodles to light those hard to reach candles

 5. Apply VapoRub to wounds or other areas you don't want your pet licking or scratching

 6. Extend the life of your flowers by adding a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water

 7. Use a large spoon to jimmy those stubborn lids open

 8. Mix vinegar and fabric softener to make effective homemade wrinkle spray

 9. Sore throat? Eat marshmallows. The high gelatin in them soothes inflamation

 10. Use Earl Grey teabags to treat sunburns. Their herbal properties greatly reduce skin damage

 11. Turn your phone into a speaker and amplify it's volume by placing it in a bowl or mug

 12. Use a cereal container as a portable trash bin for your car

 13. Use paper-washers (or make your own) for a professional looking manicure

 14. Apply mustard to burns to minimize the pain

 15. Use a lint-roller to clean that hard-to-reach grime in your backpack or purse

 16. Add saline to dried out mascara to make it moist and usable again

 17. Use pop can tabs for sturdier, more stable picture hangers

 18. Apply mayonnaise to those unsightly water stains on your wooden furniture

 19. Lightly coat candle-holders with cooking spray for easy removable once the candles are done

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