Students Who Gave These Smartass Answers On Their Homework Must Be Creative AND Smart

Kids say the darndest things. Well, the homework answers they write can be pretty darn funny too. Sometimes all you can do is shake your head.

Clue number 3 though.

 Justin Beavers, native to Canada, are known for their penchant for booze.

This kid supports the troops.

 What a patriot. The kid even managed to plug a charity.

Honest to a fault. Hopefully this kid will be able to get a job and afford a calculator one day.

 Gotta appreciate the written out "do not" rather than the contraction of don't. Just so much more authoritative. 

'Murica: where there's no such thing as immigrants.

Whoever made this worksheet was asking for it.

 Why would you even put that as an option in the first place?
 I'm definitely not as cool as this kid.

 And no punctuation, either. What a renegade.

Ah, the ol' "sweep it under the rug" technique.

 A tried-and-true method of dealing with stress.

According to average lifespan statistics, he's probably not wrong.

 I've got a feeling mom and dad helped with this one.

 And someone obviously thought this was good enough to hang on the wall.

"Bran"-power is so underrated these days.

We get it. You know it.

Fun facts: the rare and wild wordbank is a mammal, found only in arctic climates, and is definitely real.

 For real though, you could have put "word bank" in a different font, or at least made it a little bigger.

A bit graphic, but at least the kid has a decent concept of how reproduction works.

 Sir Mix-A-Lot Jr.

 Is it just me, or do winky faces look awkward when hand-drawn?

But really though, how else are you supposed to answer this question?

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