Stranger Jumps Into Mom’s Pool. But When He Sees A GIANT Shadow, Watch His Hands...

If you live in the southern parts of the United States, then the threat of alligators wandering into your backyard is a common threat.

But these creatures can sometimes surprise you when you least expect them to: One family was just looking to go for a swim in their family pool when they discovered a monster lurking in the water.

Mom called for the help of the Gator Boys, who wrangle gators using a safe and effective method to capture them and release them into the wild where they belong. They say that their job may look easy, which could tempt many, including children, to get into the water with a gator, but that’s because they’ve had this job for 20 years!

The two men arrive at the house and prepare their equipment. One jumps into the water, while the other stands poolside, waiting to intervene if necessary.

The gator wrangler in the water encounters some issues: The surface of the bottom of the pool is slippery, which could be dangerous for the diver. It takes him several attempts to grab hold of the gator, and you won’t believe your eyes when you see how he does it. He truly does make it look so easy!

Watch the entire clip to see the astounding way this brave man pulls the gator out of the pool…
[Source: Youtube]

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