Snoop Dogg Fails Marijuana Themed Question On Family Feud

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Didn’t think Snoop Dogg appearing on Family Feud could get any better? It does when his questions are marijuana-themed.

Snoop Dogg and his brood faced off against boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and his family on Sunday’s Celebrity Family Feud, where many of the questions aligned with the rapper’s area of expertise – weed.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go Team Broadus’ way.

 When host Steve Harvey asked: “Name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana,” Snoop hit the buzzer with the answer ‘put hands on him’ (translation: hit him) and while the answer took fourth most popular response in the survey, Sugar Ray took the category’s win with the Number Two answer, “Yell/Scold Him.”

But the Leonards were unable to guess all the correct answers, so Snoop Dogg and his brood had one more shot at redemption. It didn’t go well.

Snoop’s next guess? That grandma would recommend grandpa go into the weed-selling business. The Leonards won the points in that round.

 And it only gets better.

During the Fast Money round, Snoop’s answers were, shall we say, unconventional.

The category was “Pie in the…” and during the round before, his wife Shante Broadus had already answered ‘sky’ – completing a common idiom.

Needing one point for the win, Snoop was asked the same question: ‘Fill in the blank: Pie in the what?’

His response? Horse.

Pie in the horse.

Yup, if there ever was a place to put a pie, it would definitely be in a horse. Obviously, the answer didn’t win any points.

Host Steve Harvey was first on the scene for a stoner joke: “When your brain cells have suffered a little bit, you’re going to have moments like this.”

But in typical Snoop Dogg fashion, he still came out with enough points to win despite some serious weirdness along the way.

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