Pokémon Go Has Officially Launched In The UK

IT'S FINALLY FUCKING HERE! Pokémon fans rejoice, Pokémon Go has finally arrived in the UK.

Of course, loads of people have managed to get hold of the game through other means but it's now officially launched in the UK.

Brits, forget the state of our politics and the diabolical week and a half that was our Euro 2016, we can now bury our woes by finding Pidgey's in the park.

Go and catch 'em all, lads.

As we know, Pokémon Go has been a monumental success and it has already surpassed Tinder with downloads and Twitter for active daily users. 

It has also led to some of the best headlines the media has been able to write in recent times, including a girl who found a dead body while playing, a guy who got stabbed and carried on playing, the guy who got caught cheating with his ex by playing and the guy who found a Diglett in the perfect place while lying on his bed.

Overall, The Pokémon Company and Niantec can be extremely fucking happy with what they've created.

And now everyone in the UK can, too.

Who needs a girlfriend when you've got Pokémon Go? Certainly not me.

Words by George Pavlou

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