Playboy Model Who Fat-Shamed Naked Woman Now In Even More Trouble

Two days ago, the world went berserk when Playboy model, Dani Mathers, posted a picture fat-shaming a naked woman who was showering at her local gym onto her Snapchat. 

Dani, who was crowned Playmate of the Year 2015, posted a picture of the woman along with the caption: ‘If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either!’ followed by a picture of herself with her hand over her mouth.

She subsequently received a lot of backlash from people all over the world, as well as being banned from every LA Fitness club in the world, and had her Playmate duties revoked.

But things could be about to get even worse for the 29-year-old, as TMZ reports that she could be facing criminal charges.

 The model has apparently been accused of ‘egregiously violating a member’s right of privacy by taking a picture of her while naked in the shower, and then humiliating her by posting the picture with a disgusting caption’ – which I can’t argue against in the slightest.

The model posted a series of tweets in the erratic aftermath of the Armageddon which followed the Snapchat post, saying:

I want to acknowledge my post from Snapchat earlier. There is no excuse…I understand fully the magnitude of this post and that I have hurt a lot of people, women.

Body shaming is not okay, and is nothing to joke about… This was meant to be a part of a private conversation that never should have happened. There are no words to describe how deeply sorry I am for hurting and offending you all.

he added:

Women make my world go around, I respect women, I surround myself with women and I completely understand the magnitude of this post.

Please please please know How upset I am with myself and take my word that this won’t happen again. I love and appreciate every one of you.

She has since deleted her Twitter.

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