Obese Lad Loses 21 Stone Transforming Himself Into A Ripped Bodybuilder

Sometimes we all need that kick up the arse to get us to the gym.

Richard Branscun, formerly known as 'Big Rich', certainly got that kick when doctors told him he'd be dead by his 21st birthday if he didn't do something about his weight.
 The student got all the way up to 32.5st, before doctors stepped in, but Rich attributed his weight gain to finding his dad dead when he was just 14-years-old.

He said: "Looking back on it now I realise that I ate food for comfort when I really missed him.

"People called me Big Rich and dating was also hard in high school.

"I would have people tell me that I was the perfect guy but I was too fat."

 Now, however, Richard has lost a massive 21st, taking up cardio work-outs, reducing his portion control, and heeding the advice of a nutritionist, and is looking unrecognisable.

He said: "I walked in there with open arms and I told them my story and they told me they would help me reach all my goals and dreams.

"I lost over 300lbs with their help, they have become my brothers I've never had and are like family."

Since dropping that massive amount of weight, he has put on seven stone of pure muscle and become a bodybuilder.
Jesus Christ. That is some transformation.
If this doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will.

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