Mom’s Shocked When Son Tells Her He Wants To Visit Jail. Then She Looks In His Cart And Sees It

“Knowledge is power” is a phrase that many have uttered in the pursuit of knowledge. Coined by Francis Bacon, the phrase finds a more altruistic dimension in Tyler Fugett, a nine-year-old in Tennessee. Fugett used all his saved allowance to buy books for Montgomery County Jail’s inmates. He wanted to give them “a portal into a better world.”
Fugett was inspired by the fact that when he is in a bad mood, reading helps him take off the edge. His mother, Rebecca Corkren, said that Fugett believes “if they read, they don’t have time to think about doing bad things when they come out.” He hopes that the inmates find something in the books that resonate with them. Something that will make them better citizens when they leave their jail cells.
Public Information Officer Sandra Brandon told Good Morning America that the jail’s library relies entirely on donations as there are no tax dollars going into funding it. Fugett’s passion for helping people get a second chance is brilliant. This young man saw the potential in these prisoners where most others would not. It is extraordinarily optimistic of him to believe that everyone deserves a second chance and can find it — so long as they are given the opportunity.

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