Michael Bublé Is Shocked When A Stranger Interrupts Him. But Watch Who She Calls Over...

Canadian singer and songwriter Michael Bublé is known to interact with the fans that attend his concert. He’s chatted with them, sang with them, but I bet he has never experienced something like this before. At one of his performances, he was taken aback when he met a very fervent mom, who insisted her 15-year-old son, Sam Hollyman, was a great singer and would love the opportunity to perform with him.
Bublé, not knowing what to do, decided to just go with what this mother was saying. He invited Sam on stage with him, and then he asks the band to play “Feeling Good.” Once Sam sings a few notes, Bublé is stunned, and he exclaims, “Sam can sing!”
The two then perform a very memorable duet together!

[Source: Youtube]

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