Man With Down Syndrome Tells Her He No Longer Wants To Be Her Boyfriend. But Watch Their Hands

Love is a universal language, it does not discriminate, it does not judge, and it has no limits. Love is the most beautiful thing we have in this world as humans, if you ask me.

Everyone is different, and unfortunately that seems to create problems among the naive. Too many times, our world gives out more hate and judgment than kindness and love. Moments when strangers show kindness to those who are different give hope for humanity.

Couples like Austin and Jessica who have found love against all odds, and couples like the one you’re about to see, are the ones who remind us all of the fact that we are all human and we all deserve love. These beautiful stories of couples with Down syndrome give hope for many people out there who have disabilities and may not have found the love they desire in the world just yet.

This unique couple shares a beautiful moment caught on camera, and after some choice words from her boyfriend, this woman cannot contain herself! While the reaction that she gives at :33 is priceless, I strongly suggest you watch the entire clip.

[Source: Youtube]

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