Maid Of Honor Decided Not To Toast Bride, Instead She Spent Weeks Preparing This Great Rap.

Every girl dreams of their wedding day in one way or another. The ceremony, the dress, the cake… there are just so many options!

But what we tend to skip over are the Maid of Honor’s hopes for the big day! Well, newlywed Hayley O’Brien is one lucky girl to have a sidekick like her big sister… Because she probably just gave the best Maid of Honor speech of all time.

It was so great, in fact, that it got the entire room full of guests off of their feet with their flutes of champagne in the air and huge smiles crossing the room. You’re probably wondering to yourself, “What in the world did this woman do to make for such an epic scene?” The answer is simple: A dubbed rap to the always-entertaining  “Ice Ice Baby.”

With her own lyrics, dance moves and spunk, she gave her sister a gift better than pristine China or a top-of-the-line blender – She gave her a memory they’ll share together forever!

Watch as this hilarious young woman shows her little sister love in an epic wedding speech!

[Source: Youtube]

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