Katy Perry gives Calvin Harris a lesson on how to deal with Taylor Swift

Katy Perry appears to have responded to Calvin Harris' latest Twitter rant with a simple yet effective message — a sassy Hillary Clinton GIF.

Harris dragged his ex, Taylor Swift, into a series of tweets following the reveal that she co-wrote his hit with Rihanna, "This Is What You Came For." He also brought Perry into the tweetstorm by name checking her in a subtweet aimed at Swift.

Some see the Harris' tweet as confirmation of pop music's worst kept secret — that Perry is the subject of Swift's "Bad Blood."

Perry maintains a safe distance, promotes her girl Hillary and shows that, like the rest of the world, she's got the popcorn (or Popchips, in Perry's case) out while the drama unfolds.

Band Aids don't fix bullet holes, but a well-selected GIF certainly has restorative properties.

Perry, who is the most followed Twitter user, also retweeted her own very telling tweet from last year.
We hear your roar loud and clear, Katy. 

Have you ever been personally victimized by Taylor Swift? Tell us in the comments. 

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