His Wife Dies In A Car Accident. Years Later, He Sees Their Engagement Photo And Realizes THIS

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 Rafael Del Col’s life turned upside down when his pregnant wife, Tatiane, was killed in a car accident.

The tragic accident took place right before the couple were expecting to deliver, and Rafael initially had a very hard time coping with the loss of his beautiful wife and unborn child.

 Rafael’s wife was carrying their second child at the time, and her death left him supporting their one daughter Raisa on his own.

 Rafael had an incredible idea to keep the memory of Tatiane alive through his daughter Raisa, and spent a lot of time and effort to set up a beautiful tribute for his late wife.

 Collecting old pictures he had of him with his wife, Rafael decided to create an entire new set of memories by recreating some of the old photos with his daughter Raisa.

 These pictures first made their way onto Rafael’s blog, before rapidly spreading all over the internet.

The pre-wedding pictures were recreated as accurately as possible, resulting in a collection of beautiful memories Rafael was able to share with his daughter Raisa.

“The necklace that Raisa is wearing is the same as her mother was wearing 5 years ago” Rafael wrote in his blog.
Through Raisa, Rafael will always be able to cherish the memories he shared with Tatiane and keep her spirit alive.
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