Grandpa Thought Her Baby Announcement Was The Surprise. Then She Tells Him THIS

 “What’s happening,” one father asked his daughter as she handed him a card. Little did he know how big the news he was about to receive would be.
Assuming it was a late birthday card, he grabbed the envelope and opened it in confusion.
As he pulled the card out and read what it said, he threw the card into the air and took a couple steps back yelling, “No way! Are you serious?”
As the man leaned against a cement wall in an attempt to support himself in the midst of the all the excitement, he stood in disbelief as his daughter explained that he was going to be a grandpa.
 “Can you believe it,” his daughter asked as she wiped tears away from her eyes.
“They are twins” she exclaimed to her father.
Still trying to process what was happening as he wiped tears away from his eyes, the new grandpa was overwhelmed by emotion.
Watch this beautiful moment between a father and his daughter in the video below!
[Source: Youtube]

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