Dying Father Makes One Last Request Before He Passes. Now Watch Who Walks Through The Door

Mawa and Nora fled their home country of Sudan during the civil war that wreaked havoc upon the nation. They took their five children with them in their escape, but they were all somehow separated. Nora managed to come to the United States in 2005, but she was all alone. Five years later, Nora and Mawa finally found each other and Mawa was granted US citizenship. Their happiness was short lived. Three months after, Mawa was diagnosed with kidney failure. As his condition worsened, he wished more and more to see his children one last time.
Working with the International Refugee Committee (IRC), Nora worked relentlessly to track down her children. It had been more than a decade since they had last seen them. With IRC’s help, they not only found the five, but they also managed to bring them to the US to see their ailing father. Their reunion was so emotional that it brought Mawa to his knees. Watch the touching story unfold in the video below.

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