Duo Stands Up And Interrupts A Wedding Ceremony. Guests Are Shocked By Their Next Move

Shannon and Rick were celebrating the happiest day of their lives at St. Johns Church in Niagara Falls, ON. The lovely couple were finally getting married in front of their closest family and friends. But, unbeknownst to Rick, there was a special treat planned for all the wedding guests.
Prior to the wedding, Shannon contacted The Music Depot and orchestrated a special flash mob involving 15 students. They were in attendance at the wedding that day, but they completely blended in with the crowd. None of the 130 guests or Rick knew of their secret.
Just as Rick and Shannon took their positions for the ceremony, a boy stands up in the crowd and begins to sing “Chapel of Love”. Guests are shocked by his actions, but before they can gather their thoughts, a girl stands up beside him and joins in. Several students stand up as well, and a teacher emerges with more students by his side. It’s a lovely flashmob!
The students’ voices fill the church as they honor the newlyweds in front of their wonderful guests. It’s surely an experience and moment that Rick and Shannon will treasure for the rest of their lives!
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