Daughter Suddenly Finds A Tiny Door In The Bedroom Wall. Then Mom Tells Her To Open It...

Jen Elzinga just happened to be recording when her daughter discovered something bizarre. It was a tiny blue door embedded into the wall. The door had never been there before, but her daughter thought it was pretty nonetheless.

When she tries to open the door, the little girl is disappointed that it’s locked.

The mother explains to her that it’s clearly a fairy who put the door there and the fairy is obviously the only one who has a key. That’s when the little girl discovers a secret note left on her desk.

“Your very own fairy door. It’s up to you when your fairies move in,” Jen said, reading the note aloud to her daughter. “Simply sprinkle some fairy dust in front of their door and the fairies will show up soon. I’m sure of it… You may never see your fairies come and go! But they will leave things outside of your door for you to see! Have fun and be creative!”

So what’s the little fairy door? It’s a beautiful way to get a kid’s imagination going, for starters, but it’s also a way for parents to leave small surprises for their kids. Some children place their baby teeth in front of the door in hopes of getting a dollar, other parents leave tiny treats for their little ones.

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