Cop Made Boyfriend Get On His Knees, Then Told Her To Get Out Of Car. But When She Looks Closer…

Sam Watson and Austin Urhahn have been impossibly in love, for the better part of 7 years. The young couple have seen their share of tough times, but stuck together through thick and thin. So when it came time for Austin to propose, he knew it needed to knock Sam’s socks off, and she certainly never saw this coming…

Check out the adorable retelling of the beautiful moment that Austin popped the question in Sam’s facebook post below. This proposal is one for the ages.

    At the age of 18 I was infatuated with you, at the age of 25 I’m still infatuated with you, and now I get to marry you and spend 100+ more years being infatuated with you.

    They say “good things come to those who wait”, and boy was this good!

    Austin and I headed to Scott City this evening after we both got off work, to go see Grandma and Grandpa Hamil. We hadn’t seen them in a while (embarrassed to say how long it’s been actually), and it was Austins idea, so I thought “heck, let’s do it!”

    “As we get into Scott City, we drive past the school with a cop sitting at the entrance to the parking lot. He instantly pulls out behind us, cherries and berries, and I hear Audi say “You have got to be kidding me!”

    “We pull over, cop asks for license and registration. Austin is panicking. The cop comes back and says “Sir, I got a call that there was a black Vette on the interstate driving recklessly. Was that you?” Austin in a nervous voice says “well, I… ugh, I might of hit 80 on the highway”. At this point I’m thinking, way to call us out babe! So, I do what every woman does best and chime in again “No sir. That wasn’t us! We were not driving recklessly!!!”

    “The cop asks Austin to step out of the vehicle. Then, it’s my turn to step out of the vehicle. My face probably screams WTF is happening!? He then pats Audi down and says “just what I expected. You’re gonna do LIFE for this. Get on your knees and hands behind your back. I need to go get my camera for evidence”.

    “While he walks to his cop car for the evidence camera, I gave Austin a glare from HELL and whisper WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKET?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! As I’m dying inside thinking he’s secretly hiding that he’s a drug lord for the past 7 years The cop then walks over with the camera, snapping pics of us. I look down and Austin is still in the “presumed arrested” position, on his knee, asking me to marry him!

What a wonderfully creative way to start forever together. Do you have an unconventional proposal story?

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