Cat Loves To Cuddle With Mom's Pregnant Belly, But Watch When The Baby's Finally Born

 Panda was just another foster cat before she was adopted by Liel Ainmar Assayag.
Spending all their time together, Panda and Liel became best friends and were practically inseparable.
 When Liel eventually became pregnant, Panda made sure the friendship never died down.
Following her from one room to the next, Liel noticed how intrigued Panda had become with her growing stomach.
 Even when Liel was laying down, Panda would strategically place her head as close to the growing baby as possible.
When Liel eventually gave birth to her son Sean, she was worried about Panda’s reaction to the new member of the family.
 Originally confused by the new visitor, Panda eventually began to understand the relationship between this boy and Liel’s big belly from before.
Just as Panda made sure Sean was safe when he was still in Liel’s belly, she did the same after Liel brought Sean home.
Liel still keeps some restrictions on Panda to ensure Sean is safe at all times. Panda is not allowed to enter Sean’s crib, for example, but she still likes to watch over him from a nearby bed in the same room.
“I saw people giving up on their pets once there is a baby in the family, because they’re afraid the pet will hurt the baby,” Liel added.
Liel knows that with the right discipline and training, a relationship with Panda can be a beautiful thing in Sean’s life.

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