Brutal Magic Trick Goes Horribly Wrong On Live TV

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However rough you’re feeling this morning, this brutal video from Poland is sure to get your brain pumping again. 
Apparently this happened on breakfast TV yesterday morning, when a ruthless magician led a Pytanie na śniadanie host through a number of magic tricks, reportsUPROXX.
In this one he carelessly takes the presenters hand and smashes it down onto three paper bags – one of whom contains a nail. But as they get to the first bag (THE FIRST), well – the nail goes straight through the presenters hand.
 As you can probably expect she lets a gargantuan scream out and drops to the floor in agony as the nail can be clearly seen sticking out of her hand.
The host, known as Rogalska, later released a statement saying:
             Thank you for your support. I’m alive. Everything will be fine.
According to the Reddit thread from whom the trick first came into the spotlight, the magician was a semifinalist on Poland’s Got Talent and had performed the trick perfectly numerous times in the past.
The host was later taken to hospital where she was fortunately given the all clear and given a handful of antibiotics.
The clip has since been viewed over a million times.
As the Chuckle Brothers would say, ‘Oh dear Oh dear’.

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