As His Wife Is Going Blind, This Husband Does The Sweetest Thing Each Day… And She Has No Idea.

The short film “Blind Devotion,” produced by the guys from the Jubilee Project, left me drowning in tears of joy and tears of sorrow. Why? Because the love that this husband displays for his wife is as unconditional and deep as one can find on Earth.

The wife in the story learns she is going blind and has a difficult time coming to grips with this reality. She spends the early days of her diagnosis trying to cover up the fact she’ll never see again. Her stubbornness starts rubbing off on her husband, and he begins to get suspicious.

Reluctantly, tells her husband after months of hiding the truth. It’s a sad moment, but the most beautiful part of this whole story is how her husband responds.

The video reveals that he has been humbling serving her behind the scenes the entire time! It’s truly beautiful to see the way he serves her and supports her.

This kind of selfless love is something we should all strive to emulate for our loved ones and even strangers, because life is too short to be spent focusing solely on ourselves.

Watch the beautiful story below and share to spread its message of love.

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