Angry Cockatoo Throws A Temper Tantrum When Asked To Return To Her Cage

Birds have a way of imitating whatever they hear around them, and if we’re not paying attention, they can pick up some very bad language. It becomes next to impossible to try and train this out of them. No one knows what got this cockatoo in a tizzy, but he seems to be very upset about something.

He puts up a tirade as he walks in circles on the top of his cage, having a tantrum. Even with his chattering, it’s hard not to pick out the swear words he’s picked up in the midst of all his chattering. His owner seems like he’s trying to calm him down, but he’s not having any of it. He’s determined to get out everything he has to say, no matter whose feelings he hurts.

Take a look at this video!
[Source: Youtube]
In the end, his owner can only reassure him that he still loves him, no matter what kind of language he uses. Share away, people!

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