A Blind Patients Asks The Nurse To Look Out The Window. What She Sees Left Me Speechless

Do you remember the last time you told a lie? There are countless motivations behind lying. Some people lie to protect. Others, to manipulate. Is there an instance where lying is the right thing to do?
In this video, you’ll hear the story of two hospital patients. One is blind while the other is severely ill. The two patients spend their day with the severely ill patient describing to the blind patient the encounters that occur outside their room window. They especially have a great time chuckling over a man who has trouble proposing to his girlfriend multiple outside their window.
One day, the severely ill patient is taken into the operating room for a procedure. He doesn’t make it. When a nurse comes in with the bad news, the blind patient asks her what’s going on outside the window. The nurse’s response and the blind patient’s reaction? Definitely unexpected.
Sometimes we don’t know why people lie to us, but you have to realize that lying can be an effective way of showing empathy and compassion. It’s hard to believe, but then again, actions are always difficult to understand at the surface.
[Source: Youtube]

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