3 Years After Her Son Died, A Little Girl Tells His Mother To Press 'Play' On A Teddy Bear

Back in 2013, Heather went through a parent's worst nightmare. Her son, Lucas, died under the care of a babysitter when he was just seven months old. Heather made the difficult decision to donate her son's organs so that maybe something good might come from this tragic event.

One of the children that received a transplant was four-year-old Jordan who had spent years living in the hospital due to a congenital heart defect. In the video below, Heather meets Jordan. With a stethoscope, Heather is able to hear Lucas' heart beating in Heather's chest. Jordan also gave Heather a Build-a-Bear with a recording of the beating of Lucas' heart.

Over 8,500 donors made 24,000 transplants possible in 2014. An average of 21 people die every day due to lack of transplant options.

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