14 Dancers Freeze In Place. When They Turn Around At 1:24, The Entire Audience Gasps

You might expect a high school dance squad to put on routines to pop, hip-hop or rock music. Maybe some electronic music. But the talented team at Mahomet-Seymour High School in Mahomet, Illinois likes to do things a little differently, like setting a new choreography to a spoken word track entitled, “What Room Does Fear Have?”

Fear isn’t exactly the friendliest of subjects. And spoken word for dance? If you told me I was about to watch a bunch of high schoolers dancing to a guy just talking about fear, I’d probably try to get out of it. Yet what these young, talented dancers pull off is quite extraordinary. The dancing is clever and works quite well without any sort of musical backing.

Then, at 1:25, everything changes on the drop of a dime. The deceptively minimal costumes transform and the tone of the speech changes into a triumphant rally against being afraid. The combination of all these things sends a powerful message that so many of us forget.

Fear only controls us if we let it. We only have to confront it. Being afraid is just trying to avoid something that makes you uncomfortable and if you avoided everything that made you uncomfortable? You’d never get anything done. You’d never make any friends. You’d never fall in love, get married or start a family. You’d never write that novel, or learn that instrument or travel the world. And you certainly wouldn’t join a dance team or put on a routine without any music in a high school gym.

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