10 Kids Who’ll Restore Your Faith In Humanity

#1 My Son Wanted To Use The $120 He Saved This Year To Help The Homeless. He Made Them Lunches
 #2 Kid Helps Bunny Climb Sculpture
 #3 This 8-Year-Old Boy Was Bullied For 2 Years While Growing His Hair Long To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer
 #4 Baby Trying To Dry The Tears Of A Japanese Politician
 #5 9-Year-Old Josef Miles Filled His Mom With Pride When He Made An Impromptu Protest Of Westboro Baptist Church, Kansas
 #6 A Girl Uses Her Umbrella To Protect A Stray Dog During Monsoon Rains In Mumbai
 #7 13-Year-Old Boy Saved His Baseball Coach's Life By Administering CPR And Calling 911
 #8 Kids Do What They Feel. These Two Strangers Just Hugged In A Fast Food Restaurant
 #9 My Son Said There's Some Kids In His Class That Don't Eat Their Lunch. "How Come?" "Cause They Don't Have One, Mommy. Can I Bring Them Some Of Mine?" Totally His Idea, And He Helped Pack It, Too
 #10 This Boy Offering A Bottle Of Water To A Policeman During A Hot Day In Baltimore

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