10 Asshole Parents Who Ruined Their Children’s Lives

Every parent wants their kids to regard them with love, respect and admiration. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your little bundle of joy is going to think you're an asshole. It's inevitable. The only question is why. And as you can see from these pictures found on a hilarious Instagram account called - you guessed it - assholeparents, kids are likely to hate you for the most unexpected of reasons. Can't grow bananas in the garden? You're an asshole. Won't let your kid eat your deodorant? Asshole. Can't make the waves stop? Major asshole. Whoever said that parenting was easy? Oh, that's right. Nobody.

#1 When Your Parents Take You To Meet The President #thanksobama
 #2 I Accidentally Called Her By Her Real Name, Instead Of, "elsa." Now I'm An #assholeparent
 #3 I'm An #assholeparent Because I Wouldn't Let Him Eat Goat Poop
 #4 Her Shadow Was Following Her. And I Did Nothing About It. So I'm An #assholeparent
 #5 Told Him We Cannot Grow Bananas In Our Garden Because We Live In Sweden, So I'm An #assholeparent
 #6 He Couldn't Go Backwards Up The Hill, Gravity Wouldn't Allow That, So I'm The #assholeparent
 #7 Mother's Day 2015. I'm The #assholeparent Because I Didn't Get Her A Mother's Day Present
 #8 I'm An #assholeparent Because I Won't Let Him Ride The Dog Like A Horse
 #9 I Wouldn't Let Him Run Around The Restaurant With A Knife, So I'm An #assholeparent
 #10 I'm An #assholeparent Because The Waves Were Too Strong And I Couldn't Make Them Stop

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