Soldier Traveled 22 Hours To See His Newborn Daughter For First Time. Watch Him Open His Eyes...

 As we celebrate Memorial Day, we remember the brave men and women who serve the country even if they have to sacrifice being away from their family for months or years. Although this may mean they have to miss important moments in the lives of people who are dear to them, once in a while, they are granted reunions that are truly heartwarming.
While in service in the Middle East, Sgt. John Vorrath watched his wife give birth to their daughter on October 24 via FaceTime. When his commander saw how much he loved his family through that tearjerking moment, he immediately granted the soldier one week leave.
For the next 22 hours, Sgt. Vorrath traveled nonstop to reach the hospital where his family was currently staying. His wife had no idea there was a big surprise in store for her.
 When he arrived at the hospital a day after, Sgt. Vorrath embraced his wife in her hospital room. He also found himself in awe at the size of his baby daughter, Charlotte. It was the first time the two met in person.
“Oh my gosh, look at her. She’s so small,” said the soldier.
 Fifteen minutes later, his 2 year-old son appeared. At first, the boy was stunned. He hadn’t seen his father since he was deployed.
But when Sgt. Vorrath called him and said, “Come here, buddy! You’re so big. You’re so big,” the boy ran as fast as he could.
Watch the video below to see the entire reunion. Be warned, you’ll be in tears by the end.
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